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Mailing List Stats

Mailing List Stats is a command line based tool used to analyze mboxes. It downloads the mboxes in a directory where database will be created. It stores all the information which is contained in a e-mail.


MLStats needs the following dependencies (either MySQL or PostgresQL):




You can install MLStats running script:

# python install

If you don't have root privileges, use the --prefix option to indicate the directory where mlstats will be installed. For more details, take a look at the help of the installer:

$ python install --help

You are ready to use mlstats

Running mlstats

More options, and a more detailed info about the options, can be learnt by running "mlstats --help"

The backend postgres requires the database already exists. The creation of tables must be done manually. There is a SQL script with the schema in db/data_model_pg.sql that can be used for this purpose.


[To be written]


MLStats has been developed by the GSyC/LibreSoft group at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Mostoles, near Madrid (Spain). It is part of a wider research on libre software engineering, aimed to gain knowledge on how libre software is developed and maintained.

Help and bug reports

Please write to the developers mailing at

libresoft-tools-devel at

If you want to receive updates about new versions, and keep in touch with the development team, consider subscribing to the list. It is a very low traffic list (< 1 msg a day):

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